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Hi, I'm David Mason. I spent most of the 1980s messing around with the constrained but fascinating computer systems of the day, programming in BASIC and Assembler. Then I got online via bulletin board systems, and working with others wrote software that was used on a network of systems.

In 1993, working with others I started the first consumer Internet Service Provider in Canada, Internex Online. Being more of an entrepeneur and hacker than a businessman, I sold my shares and spent a few years exploring the edges of the emerging net.

In 2003, I was technical lead of the world's first national foreign policy dialogue, recognized internationally. In 2005 I was part of a team that, within Canada's largest hospital network, put patient records online in a research environment, and established patient-provider and patient-patient communications.

In February 2011 I had the opportunity to speak before a Canadian Parliamentary committee on the topic of Open Government. The text and media are here.

More recently I devised the Deflect system and participated in numerous human rights and independant media projects. I served as a senior systems developer at Concordia University, while leading and supporting diverse projects in the evolving health system with Patient Sense.

I participate in a number of projects related to linking systems, mass participation and open, re-usable data in science, healthcare, and human rights. I have a particular focus on practical uses of the Semantic Web, client and server side Javascript, the participatory culture of wikis, Free/Open Source systems, perspectives and accessibility.

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Please feel to contact me via email, or via telephone at +1 514 560-2818 (Montreal time). pgp key

My company, Dataparc logo Dataparc Communications, is specialized in secure participatory web development using leading open systems.

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