Paul A. Shields, B.Sc.

Software architect, Systems Designer and Implementer
[email protected]

Professional Strengths

Experience and accomplishments

20+ years experience in the computer industry, including design and implementation of enterprise applications using internet protocols.

Employment History

Custodian Software Inc, 2006 to present
commerce systems implementation, technical due diligence, information security, risk analysis
Conceptual Leap Solutions, Toronto 2005 to 2006
best mode for patent, scrum coach, business development, product delivery
Stabilia Inc., Toronto 2003 to 2005
Technical architect, certified scrum master, information security auditor, lead developer
MacIsaac and Associates, Toronto 2002 to 2003
Solutions architect, business development, product delivery
Passport New Media, Toronto 1999 to 2002
Software architect and lead developer of web services
freelance software writer 1996 to 1999
Clients: Network Associates, Conceptual Leap Software, Canadian Trade Index/ Bell Actimedia, Passport New Media, Coldstream Associates
Passport Online, Toronto 1994 to 1996
Network analyst and services implementation/ integration specialist for award-winning Internet Service Provider
Nirv Community Resource Centre, Toronto 1992 to 1994
UNIX programmer, Network analyst
NIME, North York 1990 to 1991
Developer of audio editing tools
Institute for Space and Terrestrial Science 1988 to 1989
TCP/IP Network and UNIX support
York University 1987 to 1988
Developer of online bulletin boards
York University 1986
Teaching assistant for department of computer science


Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, York University. Graduated 1989 (first class standing)
Certified Scrum Master, Feb 2004

Other experience

Programmed one of the first encrypted file system drivers for MS-DOS (1986);
Programmed interactive voice-response (IVR) software for PC, to integrate with dBase application (1985);
Embedded systems design: wrote ultrasound transponder software in machine language for a mobile robot (1984);
Designed hybrid digital/analog circuits (1984,2008);
Consulted to various companies on viability of technology with business plans


Methodology: certified scrum, database normalization, capability maturity model (CMM), change control, separation of duties, extreme programming (XP) versus big design up-front, standards process refactoring, reverse engineering
Technology: Internet, LAN, WAN, PKI, Fault-tolerance, 7/24, C2 secure, Wireless, Rational unified process (RUP), Application service provider (ASP), Web services, wiki, requirements, modelling, quality assurance, project planning, network performance monitoring, incident escalation, decision making, data forensics, policies, procedures, controls, technical due diligence, DMZ
Software/Tools/Applications: Oracle 7, Oracle 8i, Oracle 9i, Sybase 10, MS-SQL Server, gcc, ssh, UNIX shell, Apache, JDK, ERStudio, MS Visual C++, Visibroker, Coldfusion Studio, PGP, Rational Rose, Weblogic, Tomcat, CVS/WinCVS, XMLspy, Ethereal, UMLPad, MySQL, LView PRO, Netstumbler, vi, TextPad
Languages: C, C++, Java, Javascript, JSP, JSTL, SQL, PHP, Perl, UML, XML, XSLT, XPath, HTML, XHTML, XML Schema, expect, Docbook, RDF, Coldfusion, CSS, x86 assembler
Operating systems: Ubuntu Linux, CentOS, OpenBSD, Redhat Linux, Mandrake Linux, Solaris 2.x, Solaris 7, Windows 95/98, Windows 2000/NT, MS-DOS, CISCO IOS
Protocols: TCP/IP, HTTP, CORBA, SSL, 802.11b, DNS, GPS NMEA
Hardware: Intel x86, Sun SPARC, CISCO routers, Modems, Linksys, Orinoco, SMC
API's: Posix, Unix shell, CORBA, DOM, JDBC, EJB, servlets,